Classic Questions and Contemporary Film

Classic Questions and Contemporary Film

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Featuring significant revisions and updates, Classic Questions and Contemporary Film: An Introduction to Philosophy, 2nd Edition uses popular movies as a highly accessible framework for introducing key philosophical concepts Explores 28 films with 18 new to this edition, including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Hotel Rwanda, V for Vendetta, and Memento Discusses numerous philosophical issues not covered in the first edition, including a new chapter covering issues of personal identity, the meaningfulness of life and death, and existentialism Offers a rich pedagogical framework comprised of key classic readings, chapter learning outcomes, jargona€“free argument analysis, critical thinking and trivia questions, a glossary of terms, and textboxes with notes on the movies discussed Revised to be even more accessible to beginning philosophers2 Compare and contrast fatalism, determinism, and random chance as ways of understanding how events obtain. ... Where appropriate, illustrate your assessments via examples from the three featured films. ... In what ways do these two characters portray libertariana€type positions about human freedom? ... 8 For more on this sort of critique of compatibilism (and a thoroughgoing defense of incompatibilism), see Peter van Inwagen, An Essay on Free Will (New York: Oxford Universityanbsp;...

Title:Classic Questions and Contemporary Film
Author:Dean Kowalski
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-08-24


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