Classes, Strata and Power (RLE Social Theory)

Classes, Strata and Power (RLE Social Theory)

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Professor Wesolowski presents a detailed study of Marx's theory of class structure and compares it with non-Marxist theories of social stratification, in particular the functionalist theory of stratification and the theory of power elite. He is also concerned to develop and extend the Marxist approach to the study of class structure and social stratification in a socialist society. The book begins with a thorough and original reconstruction of Marx's theory of class domination in a capitalist society, and goes on to show that contemporary non-Marxist theories of power elites complement rather than contradict Marx's concept of class domination. The author examines in detail the functionalist theory of stratification, but rejects it, preferring the Marxist approach. Finally, though, he demonstrates the complementary nature of the two approaches to the study of class structure by expounding a comprehensive paradigm for empirical research based on Marxist theory but including some elements of contemporary stratification theories as well.... to the analyst. All, however, include such attributes as: type of work (non- manual), levels of income and prestige, a certain sortof ... Small-scale. producers. Small-scale producers are sometimestermed a classand sometimesa stratum.

Title:Classes, Strata and Power (RLE Social Theory)
Author:Wlodzimierz Wesolowski
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-08-21


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