Clark Kerr's World of Higher Education Reaches the 21st Century

Clark Kerr's World of Higher Education Reaches the 21st Century

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This volume consists of original essays by academic leaders and scholars connected to Clark Kerra€™s life and work. He was arguably Americaa€™s most significant higher education thinker and public policy analyst in the last 50 years of the 20th century and renowned globally. However, little thoughtful attention has been devoted to assessing the whole of his work. Some commentators misunderstand the man as well as his ideas. The California Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960 was one of his famous undertakings, as was his part in shaping the multi-campus University of California towards global eminence. He coined the word a€œmultiversitya€ to describe what he called the a€œusesa€ of the university, but began to think it had become much too a€œmultia€. Some of his most important work was as director of the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education and the Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in Higher Education, which laid the foundation for sophisticated policy-making. The contributors honor the achievements of a remarkable man and provide portraits of him, but of equal importance are their critical discussions of the sources of his thinking, his attempts to balance access and merit in mass higher education circumstances, the policy issues that he confronted and the success of their resolution. For many of the contributors, Kerra€™s work is the starting point for understanding policy issues in varying regional and national contexts. Often thought to be a social scientist eager to keep abreast of trends, Kerr was actually au fond a moralist and surprisingly old-fashioned in his personal values.Chapters in a Special History Sheldon Rothblatt. The role of the private sector in Illinois as well as the political balance of power between Southern Illinois University ... When the state decided to increase education in the health professions in the 1970s, a significant investment in ... Mission differentiation occurred in Illinois, but not as rigidly as in California. Tuition and fees were moderately higher, with financial aid to provide a degree of choice in the private sector as well as access.

Title:Clark Kerr's World of Higher Education Reaches the 21st Century
Author:Sheldon Rothblatt
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-06-23


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