Clark Kerr's University of California

Clark Kerr's University of California

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This volume provides an intellectual history of Kerra€™s vision of the qmultiversity, q as expressed in his most famous work, The Uses of the University, and in his greatest administrative accomplishment, the California Master Plan for Higher Education. Building upon Kerra€™s use of the visionary hedgehog/shrewd fox dichotomy, the book explains the rise of the University of California as due to the articulation and implementation of the qhedgehog conceptq of systemic excellence that underpins the master plan. Arguing that the universitya€™s recent problems flow from a qfox culture, q characterized by a free-for-all approach to management, including excessive executive compensation, this is a call for a new vision for the universitya€”and for public higher education in general. In particular, it advocates re-funding and re-democratizing public higher education and renewing its leadership through thoughtful succession planning, with a special emphasis on diversity. GonzAileza€™s work follows the ups and downs of women and minorities in higher education, showing that university advances often have resulted in the further marginalization of these groups. Clark Kerra€™s University of California is about American public higher education at the crossroads and will be of interest to those concerned with the future of the public university as an institution, as well as those interested in issues relating to leadership, diversity, and succession planning.The economic crisis that afflicts the country is forcing American public universities to change. ... Newfield (2008) notes that a€œthere has never been a middle class in history that was not created by public infrastructurea€ (272). ... of median family income, as opposed to 4 percent during the post-World War II period through the 1970s, when universities began to lose public funding and tuition started to rise.

Title:Clark Kerr's University of California
Author:Cristina Gonzalez
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 2012-12-31


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