Civil War Extra

Civil War Extra

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This two-volume collection of newspapers is one of the most important Civil War publications ever produced, and it brings the events of the war vividly in focus. A unique, of-the-moment perspective, it begins with the Nat Turner slave insurrection and covers every battle -- many by the local papers for a truly firsthand, up-close view. Lincoln's election, inauguration, and assassination are given full coverage. Caren's extensive collection includes many extremely rare Southern editions which would never be seen except in this remarkable publication. Loaded with engravings depicting battles, military leaders, and maps, this is an absolutely essential addition to any enthusiast's collection.ra#39; KM iilla#39;alt;wialt; - A , ~ the house of it led] it; our cityearly t;nAca#39;morn- -a#39;la#39;lt, mUa#39;Jrg bwisnltgfla bgqhc-ghfheuggtiadcflio _ .... that terqfhtg a#39;min from Bammoma#39; a#39;a Honda, a#39; went ( yc. ..... Aa€œ the ra€œm, a#39;AdAdaquot;i a#39;Ada#39;Wb itfliivfit, dtc., a#39;iii~ri\ mineda#39; to be governed by the tiring of no m0la#39;- The business of this city is ll|0Bt|y sii-psiiii- . .... The volunteer regiments who are here to be mustered out cila#39;cr their servicesa#39; New Yank, Jane 16.

Title:Civil War Extra
Publisher:Book Sales - 1999


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