Citizen Newhouse

Citizen Newhouse

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An acclaimed biographer takes on one of the world's most elusive media moguls in Citizen Newhouse. The harvest of four years and over 400 interviews, Carol Felsenthal's book is an unauthorized investigative biography that paints a tough yet even-handed portrait. Here is the father, Sam Newhouse, who developed a formula for creating newspaper monopolies in small metropolitan markets and turned it into a huge family fortune. And the sons: Si in the magazine business, with his crown jewels, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Vogue, and Donald, who runs the family's newspaper and cable television companies. Focusing on Si's life and career, Citizen Newhouse takes the measure of one of America's most powerful yet unexamined figures. Felsenthal shows how Si's quirky behavior as a shy and awkward outsider has had a far-reaching impact on the properties he owns, affectinga€”and in the opinion of some, compromisinga€”the quality of the Newhouse qproductq across the country and the world. Felsenthal shines a light on the breathtaking changes that have taken place among Sia€™s top editors, and the fabulous perks available to members of this elite. She also lays bare the role played by Roy Cohn in the affairs of both father and son. Citizen Newhouse provides a fascinating account of powerful and glamorous livesa€”and their impact on the newspapers and magazines we read every day.for Zuckerman, a€ WSJ, November 26, 1997; Robin Pogrebin, a€œHarold Evans to Be Editorial Czar of Zuckerman Publishing Empire, a€ NYT, November 26, 1997. 11. * Joni Evans; Esther B. Fein, a€œRandom House Shuts Turtle Bay Books, a€ NYT, February 11, 1993; Phoebe Hoban, ... Tag, a€ NYT, July 14, 1994; NYO, February 15, 1996; Daisy Maryles, a€œBestsellers 95, Winning Combinations, a€ PW, January 1, 1996;anbsp;...

Title:Citizen Newhouse
Author:Carol Felsenthal
Publisher:Seven Stories Press - 2011-01-04


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