Cisco CallManager Fundamentals

Cisco CallManager Fundamentals

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Strategies for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting new Cisco telephony software! First book with specific coverage of Cisco CallManager written by its key developers. Includes specific configuration examples, configuration guidelines, troubleshooting tips, and case studies. Provides detailed information about such complex issues as Cisco CallManager routing and diagnostics. Cisco CallManager Fundamentals provides reference information about Cisco CallManager. This book fully details the innerworkings of Cisco CallManager, which will empower those responsible for designing and maintaining the system with the availability to make intelligent decisions about what, when, and how features within Cisco CallManager can be used. John Alexander is a software development manager for Cisco Systems. John managed the development of the call processing softwares as well as software development tasks. Chris Pearce has been a software engineer in telecommunications for the past nine years. In 1994 he was one of the first four engineers that designed and implemented what would eventually become the Cisco CallManager. Anne Smith is a senior technical writer at Cisco Systems, author of over two-dozen user guides, online help files, and Web-based documentation for various software and telephony companies. Delon Whetten is the technical lead of the Cisco CallManager software group at Cisco Systems. He has been involved in the design and development of message switching, voice messaging, video teleconferencing, and Voice over IP call management systems for the last 24 years.However, this chapter groups these devices into categories to help guide you through the many protocol -specific call ... There are three classes of station devices: a€c Skinny a€” Stations that implement the Skinny Protocol, such as the Cisco 7900 series of phones and Cisco 12SP+ and 30VIP. ... The Cisco IP Phone 79 1 0 is a single-line IP Phone with a two-line textual display; the Cisco IP Phone 7940anbsp;...

Title:Cisco CallManager Fundamentals
Author:John Alexander, Anne Smith
Publisher:Cisco Press - 2001-01


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