Circuit Design Techniques for Non-Crystalline Semiconductors

Circuit Design Techniques for Non-Crystalline Semiconductors

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Despite significant progress in materials and fabrication technologies related to non-crystalline semiconductors, fundamental drawbacks continue to limit real-world application of these devices in electronic circuits. To help readers deal with problems such as low mobility and intrinsic time variant behavior, Circuit Design Techniques for Non-Crystalline Semiconductors outlines a systematic design approach, including circuit theory, enabling users to synthesize circuits without worrying about the details of device physics. This book: Offers examples of how self-assembly can be used as a powerful tool in circuit synthesis Covers theory, materials, techniques, and applications Provides starting threads for new research This area of research is particularly unique since it employs a range of disciplines including materials science, chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Recent progress in complementary polymer semiconductors and fabrication techniques such as ink-jet printing has opened doors to new themes and ideas. The book focuses on the central problem of threshold voltage shift and concepts related to navigating this issue when using non-crystalline semiconductors in electronic circuit design. Designed to give the non-electrical engineer a clear, simplified overview of fundamentals and tools to facilitate practical application, this book highlights design roadblocks and provides models and possible solutions for achieving successful circuit synthesis.This representation of materials with the conduction and valence bands along with the band gap is called the band diagram. The conductivity of these materials is therefore dependent on the number of carriers in the conduction band, which is anbsp;...

Title:Circuit Design Techniques for Non-Crystalline Semiconductors
Author:Sanjiv Sambandan
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-10-16


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