Circles In Time

Circles In Time

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Circles in Time is Book 1 of the Pirates of Marauda trilogy, an adventure through time and space. Out on another of their treasure-hunting diving adventures, brothers Eli and Zoe and their Dad come upon an earthshaking discovery when a powerful storm leaves them shipwrecked on an unknown tropical island. In the jungle, they soon encounter nineteenth-century buccaneers who never age but can barely fend off the Jurassic creatures who rule this place. As they all try to escape the island, they come upon Shakti, a captivatingly beautiful princess, who leads them to her people, the Children of Eden. They soon learn that these people from another world have been conducting a desperate experiment with their crystal technology, in which the trio themselves have become the unintended victims.Forest Fox. Luckily, we had managed to save some essentials before the pounding breakers claimed them. We had also kept ... We had a full case of MRE meals, as well as two flashlights, a small tarp, a sawed-off double-barreled 12- gaugeanbsp;...

Title:Circles In Time
Author:Forest Fox - 2012-12-03


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