Church Isn't Always What it Seems

Church Isn't Always What it Seems

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Faith always went to church as a child, but as an adult, she decided that church is not for her. Just like anybody else, she loves to party and have fun, but along the way, she faces lifea€™s trials and tribulations and decides to go back to church and give her life to God. Faith becomes a devoted, faithful member, but this time around in church, she sees and experiences a lot along the way, dealing with one wicked man who thinks he is God. Faith does not believe half of what she sees or what she hears, or even half of the events that take place. So much takes place in the house of the Lord no one can ever know what to expect and everyone has to be on pins and needles. Instead of getting the solace and peace they look for when attending church, the members get nothing but hell-raising. Faith starts to understand why people talk unkindly about Christian folk and dona€™t go to church like they used to. This makes her realize that church isna€™t always what it seems and that ita€™s really a one-man church.Family. and. Friendsa#39;. Neighborhood. Funeral. Home. The morning of Monday, September 8, at about 9:00 a.m., Jobe ... The next day, Tuesday, September 9, the members met Jobe at the Church of Believers at 6:30 p.m. Jobe shared with theanbsp;...

Title:Church Isn't Always What it Seems
Author:Joann W. Cox
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-08-21


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