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On the day Apollo 11 launches, four-year-old Spencer Aubrey is in a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness and his father is killed. He and his mother, Rhea, walk out, their survival assured by their dog Daisy. Spencer grows up with his mother's story of the adventure that leaves Daisy out and himself too young to remember. He has lived a seemingly ideal life as the perfect son and husband and as an Air Force fighter pilot and airline captain. On the 36th anniversary of the crash, however, a singular impulse drives him to tear apart his life in one mad act. He begins an extraordinary ritual journey that includes a schooner, a tough old sea captain, a crazed shaman, a ballet dancer, a blind seeing eye dog, a haunted house, a secret tunnel and the worst serial killer in American history. At the other end is a new life, if he survives the journey in this funny, touching and often frightening tale of grief and transformation.The Captain said, aquot;All told he used up three hours of the morning. Of course not including his time with you. ... The Dodge Challenger felt mechanically perfect to him with its measured engine sound, Elisea#39;s ease of shifting the four-speed manual transmission and the tight, stiff ride. He heard not a rattle as she drove ... Could change out a transmission when I was twelve. Of course ita#39;s the old story of daddyanbsp;...

Author:Gary R. Moor - 2014-08-20


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