Chronicles of a Cabin Crew

Chronicles of a Cabin Crew

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Chronicles of a Cabin Crew took almost two years to be concluded. It is the sequel of Underneath a Flight Attendant, which is Soraia's biography and first novel. The author emphasizes the importance of some chapters on the introduction (foreword) of the book. Nostradamus's chapter is one of those also mentioned in the cover of this book. Soraia comes from a psychic/medium family and is openly sharing her premonitions for the near future (2013-14) with the world. She also finds herself very funny and loves to bring laughter into others people's lives. She's created this extroverted book that will entertain you and make you laugh rather than being just about her serious paranormal experiences. qI keep telling people that I have no hidden agenda rather trying to spread the truth. My premonitions have never betrayed me. If I'm looking forward to becoming famous, it is only with the purpose to enable my message to be heard and accepted without skepticism. I believe that we are at the edge of an era lacking love, but mostly understanding of God.qSo, for him my discrepancy was something too heavy to happen on his flight. ... I was new at the new Airbus 320 series in 1998, and till today I believe that the same mistake has been happening over and over again all these years from soanbsp;...

Title:Chronicles of a Cabin Crew
Author:Soraia Naves Nakib
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-06


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