China and Europe in 21st Century Global Politics

China and Europe in 21st Century Global Politics

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China and Europe both decisively shape twenty-first century global politics. Successful cooperation between Europe and China continues, notably in climate change mitigation, or finding a way out of the financial crisis. Relations are also increasingly institutionalised, such as through Summits or High-Level Dialogues. However, although in 2013 the EU and China have celebrated the 10-year-anniversary of their Strategic Partnership, struggles have re-emerged, in relation to human rights, intervention in crisis regions such as Syria, and trade subsidisation and protectionism in areas such as the solar energy industry. Given this simultaneous presence of partnership and competition, this edited volume investigates if Sino-European relations have become what Henry Kissinger has termed a a€œco-evolutiona€: both China and Europe a€œpursue their domestic imperatives, cooperating where possible, and adjust their relations to minimize conflicta€. The volume sheds light on four key areas of Europe-China relations: first, high politics and security relations; second, the European sovereign debt crisis; third, energy and environmental issues; and fourth, soft power and public diplomacy. As the volume is authored by Chinese and European early-stage scholars in equal numbers, it adds a balance of perspectives and a future-oriented outlook to the still-low but increasing number of works on Europe/EU-China relations.2007. a€œChinaa#39;s Climate Change Policy: Domestic and International Developments.a€ ASIAN PERSPECTIVE-SEOUL-31 (2): 155. org/alt/download_en/v31n2-g.pdf. Huawei. 2013. Press release. a€œGlobal Innovation demandsanbsp;...

Title:China and Europe in 21st Century Global Politics
Author:Frauke Austermann, Xiaoguang Wang, Anastas Vangeli
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-01-15


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