Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Guidelines

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Child Support Guidelines, Second Edition is the only comprehensive guidebook for determining child support awards that takes practitioners step-by-step through the interpretation and application of the guidelines and their worksheets in both the normal and exceptional child support case. This unique publication thoroughly covers each state's version of one of the three basic models for determining child support: the percentage of income model, the income shares model, and the Melson formula. Important issues affecting calculations are clearly explained, including: Definition of qincomeq under the guidelines The impact of divided custody, shared custody, split custody, and extended visitation Second household expenses, other dependents, subsequent children, and stepchildren Impact of a private contract on the court's decision to apply the guideline amount Deviation from the guidelines for a high income parent Deviation from the guidelines to pay for medical expenses, private school, and child care expenses Imputed income Modification of prior awards And more.See Health care expenses Melson Formula Model, 1.08[A], 1.08[D] calculation, 1.08[D][1] child care expenses, add-on treatment, ... See Health care expenses Military personnel disability pensions, 4.07[N] fringe benefits, 4.07[L] retirement pay, 4.07[K] voluntary ... 2013 SUPPLEMENT IN-10 CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES.

Title:Child Support Guidelines
Author:Laura W. Morgan
Publisher:Aspen Publishers Online - 2012-12-13


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