Chevrolet: 1911-1960

Chevrolet: 1911-1960

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The Chevrolet car and truck business traces its roots back to Michigana€™s lumber industry in the middle of the 19th century. Lumber mills gave way to carriage and wagon manufacturing and the claim, before motorcars burst on the scene, that Flint was the a€œvehicle capital of the world.a€ This is the story of how those wagon makers quickly converted to producing automobiles, overtaking automotive pioneer and archrival Ford in sales, and building the Chevrolet brand into the global powerhouse entity it is today. This volume traces the first half (1911a€“1960) of Chevroleta€™s 100-year history in photographic detail and provides an unparalleled spotter guide for long-forgotten (or never-known) Chevrolet cars and trucks.This 1949 Chevrolet 3100 half-ton truck with a canopy express body was a direct descendent of the first Chevrolet truck in 1918 ... The heavier-duty Model 3800 one-ton Chevrolet truck had a floor-mounted, four-speed manual transmission.

Title:Chevrolet: 1911-1960
Author:Michael W.R. Davis
Publisher:Arcadia Publishing - 2012-08-06


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