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This book is for chemistry teachers who are thinking about reinventing how they design their labs. More than a collection of experiments, it is an example of using a chemical theme to teach chemistry. This teacher resource contains experiments involving a small set of safe substances that are appropriate for high school and college chemistry students. Instead of introducing many different chemicals per experiment as is the norm in most commercial lab manuals, this resource focuses on two commonly found elements: Zinc and Iodine. So what is so special about these elements? At the heart of this resource is a colorful cyclic reaction between zinc and iodine, one that produces a compound that can decompose back to its original elements. This unique phenomenon demonstrates that matter not only changes, but, is also conserved through a chemical reaction. Knowing that a compound can be the a€œsame but differenta€ than the reactants that formed it, is to understand the essence of chemical change. This resource also draws upon zinc and iodinea€™s versatile chemical properties. The ability to undergo different types of reactions with other substances allows students to learn a breadth of chemical concepts and quantitative principles. Complementing the experiments leading up to and including chemical change, this book contains activities involving solution and gas stoichiometry, equilibrium, kinetics, acid-base chemistry, and electrochemistry. While unconventional, the advantages of thematic laboratory teaching in chemistry are promising. Revisiting the same family of substances from one lab experience to another could help students decrease the cognitive complexity of their learning as well as help to scaffold and integrate their knowledge in more meaningful ways. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to act like real research chemists who develop expertise by building up a knowledge base around a particular set of substances.Using Thematic Chemistry Experiments to Build Fundamental Chemistry Principles Stephen DeMeo ... solutions of iodine a€c An iodide catalyst a€c Forming a coordination complex with zinc a€c Zinc and enzymes a€c Analysis of Vitamin C using iodine ... For example, in the gas lab activity zinc carbonate is used in order for students to understand the ideal gas law. ... theme will help students develop the kind of robust knowledge base that is required for success in introductory chemistry courses.

Author:Stephen DeMeo
Publisher:Educe Press - 2014-02-14


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