Chemistry, experiment and theory, second edition

Chemistry, experiment and theory, second edition

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This Second Edition of the first-year chemistry text known for its clarity of exposition and its large number of illustrative worked problems, contains a more rigorous treatment of electrochemistry, chemical equilibrium, and thermochemistry. Worked examples now number over 300, and exercises, over 1460.student study guide Bernice G. Segal. Questions Note: Leave your answers in terms of constants, such as NA and R, where applicable. 3.1 Avogadroa#39;s ... How many moles are in 11. 2L of gas at STP? ... Boylea#39;s law 1. If a balloon containing 1L of 3-12 Chapter 3 The Gas Laws and Stoichiometry Involving Gases Answers 3-17.

Title:Chemistry, experiment and theory, second edition
Author:Bernice G. Segal
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc - 1989-02-14


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