Chemical and Biochemical Applications of Lasers

Chemical and Biochemical Applications of Lasers

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Chemical and Biochemical Applications of Lasers aims to give a general introduction to as well as an evaluation of the successful application of lasers in various areas, especially in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry. The book begins with a basic knowledge of general laser physics and the types of lasers, then moves on to more specific topics that include the Raman spectra of biological materials; laser spectroscopy of gas phase ions; and optical analogs of magnetic spectroscopy. The text also discusses the molecular beams; the energy flow in polyatomic molecules; and the different properties of molecules in relation to electronical excitation and quasi-electric light scattering. Studies of different chemical reactions are also included. The text is recommended for chemists, biochemists, and chemical physicists who want to know more about lasers and its applications to their respective fields. The book will also be helpful for those concerned with the chemical reactions lasers can bring about and for those who want to conduct further studies regarding laser uses.... used to achieve Raman conversion: for nitrogen the Shift is 2325 cma#39; 1 (the fundamental vibration frequency of N 2) leading to Raman radiation of wavelength 1.41 pm (7100 cma#39; 1). ... Schematic of liquid nitrogen dewar and filling assembly.

Title:Chemical and Biochemical Applications of Lasers
Author:C. Bradley Moore
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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