Changeability ePub eBook

Changeability ePub eBook

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Are you falling behind your competitors? Are you too slow getting your products to market? Are your overheads too high? These are just some of the challenges that companies face. However, initiating successful change strategies is far from easy. 70% of all change programmes fail. This book shows how you can make sure that when change happens (and it frequently does) your company is ready for it. Shareholders want to see change take effect immediately, as each daya€™s delay can cost them money or lose them market share, while staff are often suspicious of change, wondering whata€™s in it for them. How do you make sure the change you want happens successfully, that it has everyonea€™s support, and how do you make it stick? The only way to walk this tightrope without falling off is to leave behind the old models and adapt a new practice of change management. Michael Jarrett draws on established research, case examples and his own wide consulting experience to illustrate that current models of step change are largely doomed to failure and proposes a new framework that aligns both the internal and external dynamics of change. In a refreshingly clear and practical approach, Changeability points to a new route to successful change which uses a balanced approach taking account of the four key levers of change. First, take the online diagnostic test to benchmark your organisation against others in terms of your ability to change and to assess your relative strengths and weaknesses. Then use the tools, methods and techniques outlined by Jarrett to develop winning change strategies customised for your company. There are four main groups of strategies, depending upon your situation - so choose the one thata€™s right for you and open the door to accelerated and sustainable change.Financial crises will follow long-run Kondratiev waves lasting 50 years as well as 10-year business cycles. The world is getting richer but the ups and downs may be more extreme and questions of distribution remain. - Social and geo-politicalanbsp;...

Title:Changeability ePub eBook
Author:Michael Jarrett
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2010-04-08


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