Change your Body - Is your Body Acidic or Alkaline?

Change your Body - Is your Body Acidic or Alkaline?

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The Secret to a Great Body is Revealed... if your body is Acidic, you will not lose Body Fat! Best selling authors Monica Wright and Matt Thom who have 11 World Fitness Titles between them, are ready to change your body by teaching you to get Alkaline. Most people have acidic bodies caused by processed foods, too much protein, alcohol, stress, smoking, medications a living in a polluted environment. This book will educate you on how to make your body become Alkaline a offset this Acidity. This book also includes detailed chapters on the behind the scenes eating and training secrets that Matt and Monica used to win 11 World Fitness Tiles, what carbohydrates to eat, eating good fats to lose fat, what protein to eat, what supplements to take, what is the best form of exercise, finding out your WHY and a motivational section detailing Matta€™s train accident and his recovery to go on and win a World Fitness Title! You never have to diet or count calories again! Ita€™s time to Get ALKALINE!The a€œ84 Day Body Challengea€ program can be completed at your home a€“ outdoors or at a gym and best of all a€“ It actually works! Name: Tara Knobel Age: 34 Occupation: Project Manager I joined Fitness Kick after walking past and seeing a brochure on the 84 -Day Body Challenge program. ... I thought this was a great way to kick-start my weight loss and fitness efforts, and the fact that ... However, what really stood out was how committed the team was to helping me achieve my goals.

Title:Change your Body - Is your Body Acidic or Alkaline?
Author:Monica Wright, Matt Thom
Publisher:Fitness Kick Pty Ltd - 2014-01-15


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