Change In My Pocket

Change In My Pocket

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When two best friends take a trip to the West Coast for a wedding, neither of them has an inkling they'll get stuck at Denver Canterbury Airport due to a freakish autumnal blizzard. Stranded at a closed airport for six hours, Annie and Suzie wonder how they'll pass the time with a group of total strangers. Soon, an antique coin collector named Fritz talks them all into playing a game called Pocket Change. As the group of weary travelers sits in the airport lounge, the alcohol and the tales flow freely as they learn of a bank robber, a murderer, a wayward nun, a nymphomaniac, a WWII Battle of the Bulge survivor, a boy named Flip, and the budding sexual awakening of a teenage girl, among others. As this ragtag group of people basks in the glow of the bar lights and watches the blizzard swallow Denver, they learn of people they will recall for the rest of their lives. They meet edgy, original characters through tales of poignancy, humor, pathos, and yes, a bit of erotica.There was a beautiful red Ford Mustang in the driveway, and a white picket fence around the house, and a little toddler who looked ... He hid until darkness fell, and then he did the unthinkable~ he stowed away on a ship headed for America!

Title:Change In My Pocket
Author:Annie J. Harrison - 2014-11-18


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