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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Mark Chandos is a modern American poet and philosopher, also known by name Mark Staber Kobo with his bestselling poetry book Greatest Living Poet, that has worn Best Criticsa€™ choice prize in 2010. Chandos Ring : Death Star Earth is the first book of a trilogy titled Exodus from Sapiens. This is a sensational masterwork of modern American epic poetry and philosophy of a space. It tells a story of Aaron, the last living member of a ruthless political dynasty responsible for the extinction of many non-Western nations of a dying Earth. His intent is to create a race of men able to live without a carbon and oxygen base. The Aarona€™s companion to Jupiter is Talon, the greatest scientific mind of his age... The result would be creating a genetically new human magus creature called Homo faustus... Ultimately, Aaron discovers the alien source of human life... Recognized for its idiomatic perfection and elegance of style, the epic poem Chandos Ring is a strange new reconstruction of human life that crosses modern science fiction, religion, physics, and philosophy... Previous to the poem, in his philosophical introduction Unfinished Consciousness, Mark Chandos revolutionizes previous Western philosophy and reveals the hidden truth of our civilization. I have crossed my meridian voyage, where human becomes visible idiom, and so their fears. I dig the tar cave of fossil rune, where ghosts of space, time, and men coil in somatic prescience. I will rise deep in winter with no alarm, not once to follow substance of moth-winged men glazed with light. I lay down structure embedded with my selection, joy and fear reduced to equal fonts. Since if by sentience I am cognizant, then by sentience equally I annul a slur of cognizance. We make nothing that we do not spend, exhaust, and pasteurize. So I will make this sprint. If I cry counter idiom, who will survive to prevent me? Those that accept death? I drain time and element of insolvent fear, reducing bleached bones of shrill alarm to light totem on my eye.together, this powerful magic of reconstruction (redemption) was originally a magic intended only for the initiated. Above all else, this was a story about ... The Bible is a redemption manual for Western man. The pride of Job made him useless, anbsp;...

Author:Mark Chandos
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-03-02


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