Caught in the Act: A Rouge Romantic Suspense

Caught in the Act: A Rouge Romantic Suspense

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Some desires are too dangerous to embrace. As the owner of a flourishing Latin American crafts boutique, Karina Strauss should be basking in her success. Instead, shea€™s worried about her troubled sister, the girlfriend a€“ and prisoner a€“ of drug lord, Carlos Moreno. Kari wants no part of that life, but when she helps a friend cross into the United States illegally, two men on opposite sides of the law take notice: Moreno and Adam Cortez, the handsome border protection officer who lets Kari off the hook. Ita€™s not just Karia€™s tantalizing flash of skin that catches Adama€™s attention a€“ her drug cartel connections bring back the demons of his past. Moreno demands that Kari smuggle a package for him in exchange for her sistera€™s freedom. Adam also gets dangerously close, tempting her to surrender and fulfill her wildest desires. As Kari prepares for the drug run, dark secrets and deadly consequences lurk around every corner. But concern for her sister drives Kari toward a terrifying act a€“ despite Adama€™s warnings, despite her overwhelming fears and despite the odds against coming out alive.a€œUm ...a€ a€œIf you need to file a complaint with a lane supervisor, I can give you a forma€”a€ a€œNo, a€ she said quickly. ... She let out a nervous giggle, splaying a hand over her dAccolletage. ... a€œYou need to report to the secondary inspection area, a€ ... It looked like an auto repair shop, only the car wash was really a giant X-ray machine.

Title:Caught in the Act: A Rouge Romantic Suspense
Author:Jill Sorenson
Publisher:Random House - 2013-04-14


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