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CAT MATHEMATICS is designed to help you prepare for the real CAT Quantitative and Data Interpretation sections. The book emphasizes on those topics that are given maximum weightage in CAT examinations and are least covered in other books. It introduces many innovative ideas/tools/rules in each chapter to make the learning easier. The book is organized in two parts: Ar Level boost up section Ar Trend section In LEVEL BOOST UP SECTION, each of the 9 chapters is designed to initiate a CAT orientation and create a CAT momentum in the minds of the aspirants through its pedagogical aids that ultimately boost up the aptitude level. TREND SECTION will enable you to feel the pulse of CAT before the actual CAT. It includes a€c CAT Papers (2002a€“2008) with answers a€c Trend CAT Papers (with answers) consist of questions found to be a trend during CAT 2009a€“2013 a€c Mock CAT includes test papers designed with CAT level of difficulty KEY FEATURES a€c Rapid concepta€”Each chapter starts with a list of important concepts/theorem/rule/short cut tips to provide you an easy and all time access to important rules/concepts. a€c Problem followed theory (PFT)a€”Each basic concept/rule/theorem is followed by a problem of CAT level. It enables you to understand the basic concept/rule clearly and also helps you to learn its application in solving actual problems. a€c Check your progressa€”It consists of brainstorming problems with ideas different from the problems solved in PFT in order to widen the base of the aptitude level of the aspirants. a€c The book also has a companion website that contains aptitude tests and interactive exercises.similarly, side 2 height3 a = Ay, very important formula to find side if height is given . Area = 1a„2 base height = 1322aaAyAyAy 3 a2 Area of equilateral triangle = 4 Isosceles triangle An isosceles triangle has two equal sides and the unequal Aanbsp;...

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