Casino Capitalism

Casino Capitalism

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The Arab Spring continues to spread throughout the Middle East, and it will end up transforming Islamic countries just as much as the two World Wars changed Europe. The Great Recession that began in 2008, along with defects in the global economic system, played a large role in the unrest. During the 2000s, the economic prosperity of the United States and much of the world was based on borrowed moneya€”and, as it turns out, borrowed time. Hedge funds and economic policies of the United States complicated matters further. In this scholarly book, author Dr. Susmit Kumar examines how financial blunders have led to political upheavals in Islamic countries, as well as exploring the history of Islam and Islamic empires; the modernization of Islam; the state of the world economy, and where ita€™s headed; and the present situation in Islamic countries. The immediate future promises bloodshed and grandstanding, but in the end, the majority of Islamic countries will become secular and democratic. As with the two World Wars, a cataclysmic turn of events will ultimately unify the world as Islamic countries deal with the fallout from Casino Capitalism.After the 2008 Great Recession, police forces are being downsized all over the United States due to the sharp reduction ... Ultrarich people may be forced to organize local militias to safeguard themselves and their properties, as is witnessed in places like Karachi, Pakistan. ... including CNBC, were making bullish market statements for several years before the stock market crash even though there wereanbsp;...

Title:Casino Capitalism
Author:Dr. Susmit Kumar
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-04-05


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