Cartridges of the World

Cartridges of the World

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The Essential Guide to Ammunition from Around the World! Every serious firearms enthusiast, cartridge collector and handloader will benefit from our completely revised and updated Cartridges of the World, 13th Edition, most widely read cartridge reference book of its kind on the subject. From the latest introductions in commercial cartridges and wildcats, to the fresh, authoritative articles on current ammunition trends, this book contains everything the active cartridge collector and firearms enthusiast needs to know. With 55 new cartridges spanning the gamut of industry leading factory loads to the wildcat developments on the cusp of being the next qbig thing, q Cartridges of the World, 13th Edition is the most comprehensive reference source of its kind, and a must-have for every firearms owner, novice to expert. Inside you'll find: The most exhaustive a authoritative cartridge reference in print 55 all-new factory manufactured and wildcat cartridge listings, complete with technical drawings Updated resource information throughout Fully updated specifications and references Free CD includes a collection of odd and obsolete cartridges Essays by three of the industries leading writers with crucial, qstate of the unionq information on SAAMI, wildcatting, and today's hottest trend, rounds for AR15 platforms Gun Digest has been publishing the Cartridges of the World since 1965, and during that span we've seen a lot of cartridges come and go. While this newest and most comprehensive 13th Edition, just like its predecessors, contains information on many rounds that are no longer in production, we made room for new rounds by compiling data on the esoteric, odd, and truly obsolete and moving them to this bonus CD. Best of all, the CD is FREE! with your purchase of this completely updated volume.327 Federal Magnum Loading Data and Factory Ballistics Bullet (grains/type) Powder Grains Velocity Energy ... Blue 7.9 1536 471 Ramshot 100 JHP True Blue 7.7 1441 461 Ramshot 85 JHP FL 1400 370 Federal Factory load 100 Gold Dot HP FL ... Loading data for the .32 Saamp;W can be used as a guide in working up loads.

Title:Cartridges of the World
Author:Frank C. Barnes, Richard A. Mann
Publisher:Gun Digest Books - 2012-10-05


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