Cartoon-Illustrated Technology Revolution

Cartoon-Illustrated Technology Revolution

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Cartoon-Illustrated Technology Revolution will help you make the right business decisions.Information technology (IT) changes everything. Do you want the IT vision to be your vision? To talk fluently with your IT staff? Ask the right questions to realize your vision? Leverage IT as your business competitive edge? And recognize the opportunities and perils? Investing in technology in answer to business requirements is a survival response, not a growth strategy. You must not limit your thinking to how your current processes can be automated. You must anticipate technology changes and know what they potentially could do for you. Only then will you be able to expand your business into new markets and products with confidence. Get a panoramic view of ascending, emerging, and on-the-drawing-board technologies from the enlightening and entertaining Cartoon Illustrated Book, qCartoon-Illustrated Technology Revolution.q Dr. Lee will show you the sea changes in transmission technology, Internet technologies, embedded technology, object technology, and storage technology, etc. And the opportunities these technologies generate such as real-time collaboration, single source, multimedia, WebCam, and dataware, etc.Dr. Lee will share with you his insights in various business models, paradigms, and then look years ahead.... pinned to the shirt a€” both of which would be wirelessly linked to a tiny cell phone snapped to a sleeve or pants leg. ... Airline mechanics wear computers linked to display glasses so they can read from a repair manual with both hands free.

Title:Cartoon-Illustrated Technology Revolution
Author:Kaiman Lee
Publisher:Environmental Design & Research Ctr - 2004-03-30


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