Car People

Car People

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qWe are overstocked and that is our problem, but it can be good for you as prices have never been lowerq says the nice man in the television ad. Or q It is Tax time and we have to get rid of 100 cars this week before the tax man comes.q The perils of purchasing a car are discussed in this short narrative, which is dedicated to the American Auto Sales Industry. Cars should be labeled like cigarette packages as being harmful to your health. People fear the task of buying a car, much the same as giving a speech in public. It ranks with fear of Death. Yet like the lemming that continually march to the sea, people continually march to the lot and are the gluttons for the product. The ordeal is sometimes traumatic but never dull. The advertising, the sales gimmicks and chicanery of the auto business are reveled in this humorous anecdotal account of qCar Man.q The fantasies and greed of the owners to the avarice of the sales managers are exposed to the naked eye. Reading is believing, times change, models change, years go by but car man's tactics remain constant. The inner life of the qCar Manq is exposed in a humorous tongue in cheek approach. The author attempts through personal knowledge to tell the public of the inner workings of the auto sales business. The life and times of qCAR MAN.q His methods, his lifestyle, his basic motivations are laid bare to the public in this expose. Beginning with the history of the automobile and its influence on the lifestyles of the southwest in the early parts of the 20th century taking into account the daily boring grind of the auto salesperson to the final excitement of the closing. The endless cold and lonely hours out on the qLOT.q Car man's environment. His social habits as well as his Sociopathy. Looking at the inner secrets of the auto dealership to include: qinvoicesq the most treasured artifact of the auto business. Documents that the CIA cannot see. Compared to this in-depth treatise the inner workings of the Masonic Lodge are general knowledge and mundane. Then taking the reader a step further so as to look at the futuristic marketing of qautofliersq the Buick or Oldsmobile of the future. Looking at artificially maintained atmospheres in biospheric domes. We will discover that in spite of adverse elements, CAR MAN will adapt and prevail.Like the used car excessive make-ready items take off from the gross profits. ... His intention was to get it done locally and charge factory charges which if you read the NADA Blue Book carefully does not enhance the value but detracts from it.

Title:Car People
Author:Richard Merrill Dalton, Jr.
Publisher:Richard Dalton - 2001


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