Car Crashes Without Cars

Car Crashes Without Cars

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Every workday we wrestle with cumbersome and unintuitive technologies. Our response is usually qThat's just the way it is.q Even technology designers and workplace managers believe that certain technological changes are inevitable and that they will bring specific, unavoidable organizational changes. In this book, Paul Leonardi offers a new conceptual framework for understanding why technologies and organizations change as they do and why people think those changes had to occur as they did. He argues that technologies and the organizations in which they are developed and used are not separate entities; rather, they are made up of the same building blocks: social agency and material agency. Over time, social agency and material agency become imbricated--gradually interlocked--in ways that produce some changes we call qtechnologicalq and others we call qorganizational.q Drawing on a detailed field study of engineers at a U.S. auto company, Leonardi shows that as the engineers developed and used a a new computer-based simulation technology for automotive design, they chose to change how their work was organized, which then brought new changes to the technology.Each imbrication of the social and the material obscured the actors' previous choices, making the resulting technological and organizational structures appear as if they were inevitable. Leonardi suggests that treating organizing as a process of sociomaterial imbrication allows us to recognize and act on the flexibility of information technologies and to create more effective work organizations.4. Developing. Problems. and. Solving. Technologies. A growing number of methodologies for developing new technologies suggest that unless developers understand the needs of their users, they will generate products that have little impactanbsp;...

Title:Car Crashes Without Cars
Author:Paul M. Leonardi
Publisher:MIT Press - 2012


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