Captain Quad

Captain Quad

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Peter Gardner has all the qualities of a renaissance man until a tragic accident leaves him paralyzed from the neck down. Trapped inside the prison of his immobile body, the former prodigy of music, sports and flying is confined to his hospital bed where the only passion he feels is hatred. Each day his blind fury grows, focusing on anyone in his path. As his rages intensify he begins to fantasize about leaving his broken body behind and traveling anywhere. And one day he realizes that he actually can! Kelly Wheeler is left unharmed from the accident she shared with Peter. Ignoring his insistence that she forget him, Kelly cannot erase her former love. Her fierce and unwanted devotion places her directly in the line of fire of Peter's rage. Is her love enough to shield her from Peter's deadly new gift? Dr. Harrison Lowe has pledged to further mankind with the magic of science, but his genius has gone too far. A desperate man hooked on drugs, this Frankenstein monster breaks all rules of morality and ethics with his new medical breakthrough.He would have to take advantage of her puny grief, turn it against her. ... When he a#39;d heard about Will Chatama#39;s deathon the news, every nerve in hisbody had begun to twist and spit like a live wire. ... Then her face stirred against hisneck, her moist lipsbrushing his skin, and Sam felta thrill snake hotly through his body.

Title:Captain Quad
Author:Sean Costello
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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