Capital Punishment in America

Capital Punishment in America

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This revised and updated second edition is an overview of capital punishment. It offers an examination of the death penalty, supported by statistics and Supreme Court cases, and followed by pro and con discussions. The book addresses every major issue relating to the death penalty including deterrence, racial impact, arbitrariness, its use on special populations, and methods of execution. This text challenges students to evaluate their beliefs and assumptions on each of the various issues surrounding this controversial subject. Each chapter begins with a primer of the issue to be discussed, followed by the data and critical documents necessary to make an educated assessment, and concludes with essays that offer differing viewpoints by some of the best minds in the country. New material added to the second edition includes: updated data on deterrence ; new data and articles on brutalization and cost ; new cases and articles on the death penalty for juveniles ; new case and articles on the death penalty for raping a child ; and a new chapter on methods of execution.S. 137 (1987) Gary Tison was sentenced to life imprisonment as the result of a prison escape during the course of which he had killed a guard. ... After leaving the prison, the men abandoned the Ford automobile and proceeded on to an isolated house in a white Lincoln automobile that the brothers had parked ... the house, the Lincoln automobile had a flat tire; the only spare tire was pressed into service.

Title:Capital Punishment in America
Author:Evan Mandery
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2011-02-28


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