Canada's Spies Attacked Me

Canada's Spies Attacked Me

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This is a true story about how the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) attacked me in America. This occurred when my family was going to complain to the SIRC, the watchdog of CSIS. The story starts back in 1998 when my father Mario Garzone, a Croatian-Canadian, telephoned the Croatian Embassy in Canada asking for a list of publishers for a book he was writing on Nostradamus. He later faxed a sample of his writings as a gift to the Croatian Embassy. Either CSIS or the Canadian Security Establishment (CSE) monitored these contacts. Once being brought to the attention of Canada's security establishment, my family was doomed. For you see, Canada and Britain fought a secret war against the Croatian military on behalf of the Serbs, when Canadian Peacekeepers went to the Balkans during the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990's. The book contains the Nostradamus writings that drove CSIS into a witch hunt frenzy. Also included is how Canadian politicians and the SIRC did little to help my family.CSIS did not do much between my fathera#39;s call in November, 1998 and my departure in April, 1999. ... Funny thing is I had mentioned to my father and sister that I had helped someone jump-start their car earlier in the week while going to a ... CSIS tries to get information from people under false pretenses when running a secret operation. ... Having left Canada, CSIS still did not leave me alone. ... Sometimes after ending our phone conversations, my phone would immediately ring.

Title:Canada's Spies Attacked Me
Author:Mark Garzone
Publisher:Mark Garzone - 2006


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