California Community Property With Tax Analysis

California Community Property With Tax Analysis

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An authoritative treatise bringing you the information you need to secure the best possible results for your clients when there is property to be divided. The volume provides explanations of community property concepts and expert tax analysis in easy-to-understand language. Section summaries, chapter synopses, an index, and other time-saving features provide fast, direct access to the information. Includes detailed coverage of: a€c The California Community Property system characterization of property, management and control, accountant's valuation, liabilities of spouses and their property for debts, division of property on dissolution of marriage or legal separation a€c Other family law matters affecting property ownership of both married and unmarried couples a€c The accountant's role as an expert and consultant in community property litigation a€c Tax consequences, property characterization and division, parties' agreements, state law, child and spousal support, death First published in 1985.Government Code Harb. aamp; Nav. Code Harbors and Navigation Code Health aamp; Safety Code Health and Safety Code Ins. Code Insurance Code Lab. Code Labor Code Mil. aamp; Vet. Code Military and Veterans Code Penal Code Penal Code Prob.

Title:California Community Property With Tax Analysis
Author:Publisher's Editorial Staff
Publisher:LexisNexis - 2015-04-22


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