Calculus from Graphs, Numbers, and Symbols

Calculus from Graphs, Numbers, and Symbols

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The text addresses a general mathematical audience: mathematics majors, science and engineering majors, and non-science majors. [The authors] assume little more mathematical maturity than for single-variable calculus, but the presentation is not rigorous in the sense of mathematical analysis. [They] want students to encounter, understand, and use the main concepts and methods of multivariable calculus and to see how they extend the simpler objects and ideas of elementary calculus ... [They] assume that students have the qusualq one-year, single-variable calculus preparation, but little or nothing more than that.-About this preliminary ed.Given such a coordinate system, every point P in the plane corresponds to one and only one ordered pair (a, b) of real numbers, called the Cartesian coordinates of P. The pair (a, ... Be sure you agree: look carefully at the standard picture.

Title:Calculus from Graphs, Numbers, and Symbols
Author:Arnold Ostebee, Paul Zorn
Publisher:Harcourt Brace College Publishers - 1997


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