Buy a Gail Keo Doll (Air Assault)

Buy a Gail Keo Doll (Air Assault)

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The Japanese new-fangled regime publicized itself as a self-sufficient, self-sustaining entity, freed from big brother USA and the United Nations' sphere of influence, asserting itself as anti-big brother USA and realigning its sphere of influence with North Korea and China. A more severe and brutal blow to big brother USA and the Marshal Plan, Taiwan had effectively expelled the US-UN forces from its soil; Taipei, its military paralleled to that of the Japanese, declared itself free from big brother USA and UN's supremacy, authority and sphere of influence. The Chinese had productively formed the Communist Asian Pack with Japan and Taiwan; the three communist countries and communist North Korea, forming the CAP, were strongly behind Pyongyang and its passion of turning South Korea into a communist country and reuniting the North and South to outline Seoul and Pyongyang into one Korea--a Communist Korea; once Seoul fell to Pyongyang, China had guaranteed Taipei 150-years of independence--free from China's sphere of influence and authoritarianism. That was what the Taiwanese have wanted for years, independence from mainland China, a package that was too good to pass on, a promise that big brother USA-UN cannot proffer. The Korean War2's sonata, more rapidly than the speed of light, forced its resonance into us with the proverbial reverberations of fighter air assaults, howitzer artillery, helicopter gunships, rocket-propelled grenades, machineguns, small arm cannons, revolvers and rifles--qboom, thump-swish, ka-boom, bang-bang-bang-bang-bang, papa-papa-papa!.q..and on and on and on.I looked out the cockpit and saw a ground guide assumed guidance and took control of the CH47 Chinook; we felt the discomfort of the fat birda#39;s shift sideways as the ground guide tried to park the chopper in its proper parking space. The crewa#39;s chief leaned ... The driver, a local Korean man called Ah-jue-si, a slim male attired in short, flipflop for footgear and an old white v-neck shirt. The horse made ananbsp;...

Title:Buy a Gail Keo Doll (Air Assault)
Author:Rain Chetdav
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-03


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