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Born as bombs and mortar tore through her native country and raised with the quiet example of strength and honor from her parents, this 13 year old girl became the designated head of her family at the death of her beloved father. Driven to succeed and seeing America as her path to the success her father wanted for her, she emigrated from Korea to the United States in her late teens. As she finds ways to blend her Korean values of family and responsibility with American customs and values, her belief in herself never waivers. In Korea successful people are business owners so she too must become a business owner in her new country. Becoming a successful business owner in a small mid-western town is not easy; expanding that business to become the store of choice for high-end builders and buyers in a nearby city across state lines is even more impressive. As you read her story you'll find a fascinating mix of family loyalties and responsibilities, absolute respect for hard work, and the strength of character to set the example for the next generation in her family. The book's author, Jeannie Ji, can be reached at author@koreanbutterfly.com. The author's website is http: //koreanbutterfly.comWe thought maybe Jima#39;s Sony Shop or In Gea#39;s Sony Shop would be good names, but we agreed Jeanniea#39;s Sony Shop sounded better. About three ... Soon, the store started doing well, so I wanted In Ge to quit the repair shop job. My fatheranbsp;...

Author:Jeannie Ji
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-10


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