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Did you know that some adult butterflies change their appearance depending on the season? These unique insects use their colorful wings to attract mates, ward off predators, or blend in with their surroundings. Learn all about how a butterfly grows into its wings!\.eve\ 1 provides the most support through repetition ot hightrequency words, tight text, predictobte sentence potterns, ond ... Readers ore the pertect books to buitd contidence ond encouroge o \ove ot redding that Eœa€œ tost o iitetimet. ff~ in 2008 by ... No PGN of this a#39; Era#39; EnEEl|NNEE¾Ei information E³Em a€š aquot;mY be reproduc d QArrding EmE³ a#39; a€¹ _ Em N‚ Who|e Op a€š tC, E¼ P a#39;a€œa#39;5Sa#39;Adf\, ... text accompanied En f || h a€o Ep U -co|o I1 . includ bl a#39;Oa#39;-a#39;9 third grade studentsaquot; ProViAlpdAda#39;Ad9VGPhS give an upctose |ook N‰ buanbsp;...

Author:Martha E. H. Rustad
Publisher:Bellwether Media - 2012-08-01


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