But for These Things – Leicester and its People in WWII

But for These Things – Leicester and its People in WWII

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There have been several books on Leicester during the Second World War, but I felt that some significant omissions remained. First and foremost I wanted to give a voice to the people who lived through those times, but whose personal stories are rarely heard in the official records. I also wanted to touch upon some of the themes not generally covered or glossed over in other histories, notable amongst which were the crime wave which swept the city during the war and the race disturbances that occurred during 1943-44. Balanced against these are other untold stories, such as the gallantry and sacrifices of the men, women and children of the city, the requisitioned factories and offices which from 1939 onwards became home to the Armya€™s largest ever pay office, and the contribution made by the city's industry to the war effort. Finally, I also wanted to take a little time to explore what happened after the celebrations had ended and the bunting had been put away. Although some of the stories may make uncomfortable reading, I have tried to be as balanced in my reporting as possible.At just 36, a€œSlima€ Jim Gavin, the 82nda#39;s deputy commander was the youngest Brigadier General in the US Army, and in both temperament and outlook, very different to his boss, Matt Ridgway. Having literally written the US Armya#39;s manual onanbsp;...

Title:But for These Things – Leicester and its People in WWII
Author:Vincent Holyoak
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2014-03-28


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