Business's Most Wanted

Business's Most Wanted

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qFascinating trivia from the annals of business history In 1865, nearly half of all U.S. paper currency was counterfeit qYou will find it a distinct help if you know and look as if you know what you are doing, q advised an IRS training manual Forty percent of home-based businesses required less than $5, 000 for start-up capital The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1895 that President Grover Cleveland's proposal to create a federal income tax was unconstitutional qBusiness's Most Wantedq chronicles the bet and worst of American business, explores the quirks of commerce, and provides an informative and sometimes hilarious look at Wall Street. You'll find out which corporate titans never went to college, who has a bigger house-Microsoft's Bill Gates or Oracle's Larry Ellison-the definition of a triple witching hour, and much more. History buffs, businessmen and businesswomen, and anyone with an interest in the lighter side of enterprise will enjoy this book.q--Jacket.FALL PROTECTION This standard protects workers from falls above six feet. ... The most common problems are missing guards at the open edges of floors and lack of training for workers in this environment. ... details of the hazards posed by various substances, use appropriate safety labeling for containers, and create safety data sheets. ... OSHA requires employers to de-energize electrical equipment for maintenance or post a sign warning that equipment should first be turned off.

Title:Business's Most Wanted
Author:Jim Romeo
Publisher:Potomac Books, Inc. - 2005


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