Businessman First

Businessman First

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More than his ad, qMore Parks' Sausages, Mom, Please!q Henry G. Parks Jr. was a man before his time. Pioneering in the American free-enterprise system, he embarked on a journey leading to a multimillion-dollar industry. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to domestic parents and a paternal grandmother, who instilled Christian values and taught him the Bible. A few months after his birth, Parks Sr. relocated his family to Dayton, Ohio, the first state across the Mason-Dixon Line, seeking better job opportunities. During the depression and two more children, times were hard, and Parks Senior's wife joined him in the workforce. Together, they were able to hold the family together. Henry and his sisters attended segregated primary schools and integrated high schools. Henry read profusely and studied hard, graduating from Roosevelt High School with honors but to the resentment of his dad. The family had no idea Henry Jr. had plans to attend college. He worked a year at several jobs, one at the same hotel where his father worked as a bartender, washing dishes and taking out the trash. He saved his money and entered Ohio State University College of Commerce, never knowing at matriculation that the money he worked so hard to earn and was sending home for his parents to save for him was being spent to support the family household. Without money to pay tuition, he pursued scholarships and more work. He matriculated in 1935. After many endeavors in business, a numbers runner in Baltimore forwards the capital and also becomes a silent partner. Henry Junior's idea for a pork sausage manufacturing plant became a reality in 1951. Henry opened the H. G. Parks Inc. trading as Parks Sausage. With strong, aggressive leadership, brilliant marketing and advertising, Henry Jr. built a business that never had a losing year. Henry's success caught the attention of some of the leading corporate boards in this country along with national organizations and city, state, and federal leaders. They sought to bring him aboard to share his knowledge, leadership skills, and ability with other leading American businesses, government, and nonprofit leaders.With more than three decadesa#39; difference in our ages, and despite economic disparity, social class difference, and geographical ... Henry and I met in Baltimore, Maryland, at a time when I was more or less starting a career, and he was more or less concluding his. ... a friend had given him and a black leather directional directora#39;s chair I sold to him from the start of an interior design project that went south.

Title:Businessman First
Author:Maurice W. Dorsey
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-03


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