Business Network Transformation

Business Network Transformation

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In order to defend themselves against commoditization and disruptive innovation, leading companies are now gaining competitive advantage through networked business models and tapping into talent from outside their company. Rather than implementing rigid qbuilt-to-lastq processes, organizations are now constructing more fluid qbuilt-to-adaptq networks in which each member focuses on its differentiation and relies increasingly on its partners, suppliers, and customers to provide the rest. With contributions by the biggest names in business network transformation, this book offers cutting edge research and an in-depth exploration of critical topics such as customer value, supply networks, product leadership, global processes, operations, innovation, relationship management, and IT. The book also provides practical guidance for successfully engaging in BNT, and is filled with illustrative case studies from some of the worlda€™s largest and most successful companies. It contains the vital information business leaders need to enable their companies to deliver faster innovation to customers at lower cost by sharing investments, assets, and ideas across their business networks. An essential resource for all business leaders, Business Network Transformation shows how to transform any business network to achieve competitive advantage and increase the bottom line. Contributors include Geoffrey Moore, Philip Lay, Marco Iansiti, Mohan Sawhney, Ranjay Gulati, David Kletter, Venkat Venkatraman, John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, Gautam Kasthurirangan, Randall Russell, Henry Chesbrough, Jeffrey Dyer, and Andrew McAfee.By understanding how end- consumers use their products in different situations, Dell has been able to deliver new ... In contrast, Ford Sync (in partnership with Microsoft) does not directly impact the car while providing entertainment and ... the software layer (a€œelectronicsa€), and services layer (navigation, entertainment, safety and maintenance, insurance, PRODUCT LEADERSHIP IN A NETWORK ERA 115.

Title:Business Network Transformation
Author:Jeffrey Word
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009-08-17


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