Burning Desire

Burning Desire

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Seattle Detective Christopher Fury is about to have his life turned upside down. In a world where creatures known as Interdimensional Species, or IS, are discriminated against and treated like they are worth less than the dirt humans walk on, the half-fae detective must hide his bloodline so he can continue to have the resources of the Seattle police department available to him to hunt down his father's murderer. But when Chris stumbles across his fire-pixie mate, how can he turn against his nature when she's everything he's ever searched for? His world continues to spiral out of control when he learns that his fae father was the leader of a disbanded IS Rebellion. Now the IS want him to take his father's place and lead them to freedom. As he gains friends and allies, Chris also makes enemies, and one so powerful he never saw them coming: the human government. He wants to keep his human mother and pixie mate safe, but he also can't sit back and watch as his people continue to suffer. In a desperate move that changes the fate of not only his life, but also the IS Rebellion, Chris takes a stand?and fights back.Since I had no problems with her request, I let it slide. I twisted my ... My other arm wrapped itself around her slim waist, bringing her hips closer to me as she arced her back against my touch. She groaned ... My thumb brushed over her clit at the same time I thrust my middle finger inside her as far as it would go. My mouthanbsp;...

Title:Burning Desire
Author:Grace M. DeLeesie
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2014-04


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