Buried Pipe Design, 2nd Edition

Buried Pipe Design, 2nd Edition

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Everything you need to designa€binstalla€b replace and rehabilitate buried pipe systems Put a single-volume treasury of underground piping solutions at your command! A one-of-a kind resource, Buried Pipe Design, Second Edition, identifies and explains every factor you must know to work competently and confidently with the subsurface infrastructure of distribution systems, including sewer lines, drain lines, water mains, gas lines, telephone and electrical conduits, culverts, oil lines, coal slurry lines, subway tunnels and heat distribution lines. Within the pages of this acclaimed professional tool youa€™ll find space-age remedies for the aging, deteriorating piping beneath Americaa€™s cities -- and learn how to design long-lived systems capable of delivering vital services and meeting new demands. This comprehensive, state-of-the-art resource shows you how to: * Determine loads on buried pipes * Understand pipe hydraulics * Choose an installation design for buried gravity flow pipes * Design for both rigid pipe and flexible pipe * Select appropriate pipe for your application based on material properties * Work within safety guidelines * Handle soil issues, including pipe embedment and backfill * Employ the powerful tool of finite element analysis (FEA) * Adhere to current standards of the AWWA, ASTM, and other relevant standards organization * Save time with actual design examples * More! This thorough update of A. P. Moser's classic guide is now twice the size of the previous edition -- reflecting the vast progress and changes in the field in mere decade!Youa€™ll find enormous amounts of all-new material, including: *External Loads chapter: minimum soil cover, with a discussion of similitude; soil subsidence; load due to temperature rise; seismic loads; and flotation *Design of Gravity Flow Pipes chapter: compaction techniques; Ea€™ analysis; parallel pipes and trenches; and analytical methods for predicting performance of buried flexible pipes Design of Pressure Pipes chapter: corrected theory for cyclic life of PVC pipea€bstrains induced by combined loading in buried pressurized flexible pipe Rigid Pipe Products chapter: the direct methoda€bdesign strengths for concrete pipea€band SPIDA (Soil-Pipe Interaction Design and Analysis) *Steel and Ductile Iron Flexible Pipe Products chapter: three-dimensional FEA modeling of a corrugated steel pipe archa€btests on spiral ribbed steel pipe, low-stiffness ribbed steel pipe, and ductile iron pipe *Plastic Flexible Pipe Products chapter: long-term stress relaxation and strain testing of PVC pipesa€bfrozen-in stressesa€bcyclic pressures and elevated temperaturesa€bthe AWWA study on the use of PVCa€blong-term ductility of PEa€bthe ESCR and NCTL tests for PEa€band full-scale testing of HDPE profile-wall pipes *Entirely new chapter! You get new information on pipe handling and trenching as well as safety issues. Here are valuable directions for working with fast-growing trenchless methods for installing and rehabilitating pipelines PLUS: * MORE design examples * THE LATEST ASTM, AWWA, ASHTTO, and TRB standards * NEW DATA ON CUTTING-EDGE PIPE MATERIALS, including profile-wall polyethyleneNew to this edition: coverage of materials, such as profile-wall polyurethane; new standards from ASTM, AWWA, ASHTTO, and TRB; a new safety section; and more design examples.

Title:Buried Pipe Design, 2nd Edition
Author:A. P. Moser
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2001-02-13


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