Building Your Own Emergency Bug-Out Bag

Building Your Own Emergency Bug-Out Bag

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Are you prepared to leave your home and flee to safety at a momenta€™s notice should a natural or man-made disaster happen where you live? Most people realize that it is only a matter of time before a disaster happens to them. It is imperative to take action now and build your own Bug Out Bag with mission critical items that might be needed to insure your familya€™s survival. This book will help you prioritize what survival gear is most important to buy first. It is intended to be the most comprehensive Bug Out Bag list available of the most important survival gear that will sustain you and your family indefinitely if a natural or man-made disaster should happen that forces you to abandon your home for any reason. You will learn life saving tips and advice on how to become more self-reliant beyond the traditional 72 hour Bug Out Bag in case humanitarian aid does not arrive in timea€b as proven by FEMA during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. No matter what the scenario, everybody should be preparing for the possibility of hard times. The better prepared you are for a disaster, the faster you will be able to recover from one. We live in crazy times. There is nothing wrong with planning in advance to insure your familya€™s safety and survival. Part of having peace of mind comes from knowing that you have prepared for the real and possible disasters that can, and do happen to ordinary people all around the world.Unlike many other folding saws, the BAHCO cuts on both the forward and back stroke. ... It contains a small skeletonized serrated knife, LED light, tweezers, toothpick, magnesium alloy fire starter, survival whistle, and a hole ... At about twice the thickness of a credit card, you could easily carry this survival card in your wallet.

Title:Building Your Own Emergency Bug-Out Bag
Author:Michael C. Ballinger
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-08-24


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