Building an Emerald City

Building an Emerald City

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In 2000, Seattle, Washington, became the first U.S. city to officially adopt the U.S. Green Building Councila€™s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) a€œSilvera€ standards for its own major construction projects. In the midst of a municipal building boom, it set new targets for building and remodeling to LEED guidelines. Its first LEED certified project, the Seattle Justice Center, was completed in 2002. The city is now home to one of the highest concentrations of LEED buildings in the world. Building an Emerald City is the story of how Seattle transformed itself into a leader in sustainable a€œgreena€ building, written by one of the principal figures in that transformation. It is both a personal accounta€”filled with the experiences and insights of an insidera€”and a guide for anyone who wants to bring about similar changes in any city. It includes a€œbest practicea€ models from municipalities across the nation, supplemented by the contributions of a€œguest authorsa€ who offer stories and tips from their own experiences in other cities. Intended as a a€œroadmapa€ for policy makers, public officials and representatives, large-scale builders and land developers, and green advocates of every stripe, Building an Emerald City is that rare booka€”one that is both inspirational and practical.This includes green building language in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ) language, bidding qualifications, and consultant selection interview questions. ... Ask probing questions regarding what would define a successful green project for them. ... For building projects where energy efficiency will be a focus, selecting a mechanical engineer to collaborate with will anbsp;...

Title:Building an Emerald City
Author:Lucia Athens
Publisher:Island Press - 2012-06-22


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