Building a Cloud Computing Service

Building a Cloud Computing Service

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As the world moves towards a more globally and electronically connected future, access to the Internet is becoming more commonplace for business, educational, as well as entertainment purposes. Virtually everyone now has a small, mobile device of some sort which will allow them access to the Internet. The concept of qCloud Computingq was born as a direct consequence of such connectivity and this has resulted in services advancing towards the Internet qCloudq. This allows smaller devices to possess far greater functionality than ever before whether it is via websites and/or other secondary protocols. This document provides advice on how to build a cloud service whether that may be for commercial, educational, and/or more altruistic purposes. It is based on past experience, general knowledge, as well as personal research. It is not intended to be read by people who are new to computing. While it was originally intended only to cover technical aspects of building a cloud service-based company it has since expanded into a document that covers the actual business aspects of building a cloud service-based company as well. It uses Open Source technologies, but takes concepts from all fields. An appendix detailing the a€œhow to commence the beginnings of a cloud servicea€ has also been provided. You will need a at least two computers, enough network equipment to hook them up, an Internet connection as well as possibly a Linux distribution to install on your computer. Feedback/credit on any ideas that are subsequently put into action based on the content of this document would be appreciated. Any feedback on the content of this document is welcome. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the instructions and information herein are accurate and reliable. Please send corrections, comments, suggestions and questions to the author. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their owners, unless otherwise indicated. Use of a term in this document should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark. The author would appreciate and consider it courteous if notification of any and all modifications, translations, and printed versions are sent to him. Please note that this is an organic document that will change as we learn more about this new computing paradigm. The latest copy of this document can be found either on the authora€™s website, blog, and/or a separate unit independent of other systems/units. Unit_testing Integration Testing Ensure ... Code_coverage Manual Testing Manually entering strings, other content and ensuring that itanbsp;...

Title:Building a Cloud Computing Service
Author:Binh Nguyen
Publisher:Binh Nguyen -


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