Brotherhood of the Gods

Brotherhood of the Gods

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Brotherhood of the Gods is a cutting edge novel. It takes American fiction into a new cultural arena and reveals lesser-known aspects of African American culture and history. While it is a suspenseful urban thriller, it should appeal especially to literary fiction readers interested in ethnic and multicultural issues. Brotherhood is the intriguing story of David Rasheed, an amateur private eye sent to investigate the murderous exploits of rival gangs. He uncovers an intricate web of deception and double-dealing both inside and outside of the mosque. Davida€™s hunt for the assassin of a prominent Muslim leader takes him on a harrowing journey through Newarka€™s underbelly and into confrontations with several pseudo-Islamic groups that espouse Man-is-God theologies. The story takes place in 1977, shortly after the original Nation of Islam shed its raced-based dogma and reinvented itself as a mainstream Islamic organization. While not apparent to outsiders, that momentous change resulted in much dissension. In the midst of this dissension, our protagonist is sent to investigate the murder. Featuring strong female characters and a thorough examination of an overlooked era of American history, most readers of Brotherhood will emerge with a changed outlook on race, religion, and Islam in America.He told David to carefully review the masjida#39;s latest financial statements for a€œ possiblea€ money-related problems. ... a€œOne last thing, Lawrence, a€ David demanded, a€œI expect National Headquarters to be behind me 100%. ... a€œWea#39;re behind you brother, a€ Lawrence assured, a€œwea#39;re behind you all the way. ... After Lawrence left, David packed a few more itemsa€”a set of encyclopedias, an old manual typewriter, the latest Sister Clara Muhammad School yearbooka€”before departing the school foranbsp;...

Title:Brotherhood of the Gods
Author:Irshad Abdal-Haqq
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2002-07-16


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