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a€œIta€™s a terrible world we live in... I would sooner eat my children than raise them in a place like this. So much senseless death and destruction! Therea€™s no purpose in it!a€ Thanks to the words of a mad god, Brookhaven, Alabama, is collapsing into a state of anarchy. Each day, more residents find themselves with no choice but to obey the voices. As a cook suffers the violent consequences of telling his boss to shove it, a small man attempts to become larger than life with the help of a hunting rifle. When a local priest is brutally slain, police officer Marcus Dodd sets off to find a ruthless killer who leaves no trail. As the body count rises, Officer Dodd is pushed beyond the brink of insanity into a world of demons and lunatic gods. In his search for justice, Dodd is unwittingly immersed in an unforgettable battle between good and evil. In this gripping tale, one man must confront a city gone mad without succumbing to his own insanity. But only one is laughing as the darkness threatens to consume them all.The thoughts had no sooner flitted through my mind before I get a call. I reach for the radio before realizing that Ia#39;m off-duty. This isna#39;t the cruiser, ita#39;s my Pontiac. That sound must be my cell phone. God, I need sleep. RESTRICTED NUMBER.

Author:J. C. Eggleton
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2012-08-10


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