Breath in the Dark

Breath in the Dark

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Settling down on the bed, I stroked the plump, still body, watching my mothera€™s face just to make sure she was still breathing. As a 6 year old that was all I wanted, not toys or chocolates or comforts, just to know my mother was still alive was enough. Jane Herseya€™s biography is told through the thoughts and voice of a traumatized, isolated child, enduring the stresses and strains of day-to-day life under difficult circumstances in 1960s Manchester. As a six year old child with sole care of a mother suffering with clinical depression, diabetes and eating disorders, Jane is ostracized by the Jewish community and the community at large. Breath in the Dark is the heart-rending story of a girl socially isolated, neglected, physically, emotionally and sexually abused and living in poverty. a€œFrom the first lines of Breath in the Dark, there is a powerful sense that this is special. The simplicity of Janea€™s style, the clarity of the childa€™s voice and the intensity of emotion fired in those few words had me hooked from the start. [...] Jane expresses the beautiful mix of confusion, faith and fear that characterises her childhood effortlessly... There is so much I could say about Breath in the Dark, ita€™s excellent narrative, incredible intensity and the unfakeable ring of truth it carries. [...] Every part of it is an extremely powerful reading experience: it is heartbreaking and fascinating in equal amounts.a€ - Review by Harper Collins2nd Edition Jane Hersey. into the cupboard, a€œI cana#39;t wait till your next birthday, Mum.a€ At school, I was ... I would write anything just to make the teacher think I was clever. I was determined I would be able to look after my mother. After managinganbsp;...

Title:Breath in the Dark
Author:Jane Hersey
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2014-01-31


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