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It is not between the Left and the Right, but between the past and the future. America is on the edge of a breakout. In fact, we are poised for one of the most spectacular leaps in human well-being in history. Pioneers of the futurea€”innovators and entrepreneursa€”are achieving breakthroughs in medicine, transportation, energy, education, and other fields that will make the world a dramatically different and better place. Unless the a€œprison guardsa€ of the past stop them. Every American must choose a side. Will you be a champion of the future or a prisoner of the past? Every potential breakthrough has to get past a host of individuals and institutions whose power and comfort depend on the status quo. These prison guards of the past will strangle every innovation that threatens to change the way things have always been donea€”if we let them. In Breakout youa€™ll learn: Why environmental extremists cling to the myth of a€œpeak oil, a€ and how the fracking revolution is about to make America the worlda€™s leading oil producer How personalized healthcarea€”radically individualized treatments made possible by advances in geneticsa€”and regenerative medicine could wipe out our most feared diseases, and why theya€™re on a collision course with Obamacare How self-driving cars are on the verge of making traffic jamsa€”and traffic deathsa€”a thing of the past, unless regulators wreck them before they leave the lot Why a one-size-fits-all education will become a historical curiosity, unless the teachersa€™ unions and professional academicians succeed in preserving the current dysfunctional systems How NASAa€”once the repository of American dreams of the futurea€”became a textbook case of death by bureaucracy Americans dona€™t have to settle for a shrunken future. We can escape from the prison of the past into a future of undreamed of opportunity and abundance. All we need is the courage to break out.For thismore forgiving terrain, Thrun andhiscolleagues usedablue Volkswagen Passatwagon called Junior, whichthey equippedwith fancier ... It made sensetogoto Google, he said, because the challengeof selfdrivingcars is a€œnot anautomotive problem, ita#39;s not an engineering problem ... By thesummer of2013, the carshad driven themselves morethansix hundred thousand miles, virtually without incident.

Author:Newt Gingrich
Publisher:Regnery Publishing - 2013-11-04


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